What Is Perinatal Grief?

Perinatal” in traditional medical sense is defined as occurring during the time around birth.  More specifically defined as 20-28 weeks gestation through 1 month (28 days) after birth.

Unspoken Grief is working to redefine the term perinatal grief to include loss grief from conception on (to 28 days after birth) which is not traditionally recognized in medical definitions.  It is my belief that this is why the grief surrounding a miscarriage (chemical, early, 1st trimester or 2nd trimester) is so misunderstood, under-supported and silenced.

The grief process for perinatal grief is very similar to traditional grief. With the definition of perinatal grief as it is now – those who are grieving a miscarriage are not as supported or understood as other ‘reasons’ for grief are.

There is no ‘set’ time to be ‘over it’ or any determined time where things will get back to normal.  It is important to watch for signs of depression that go beyond grief and to make sure you have someone to talk to who will listen and care.

We are always here too – to listen and hear your stories.

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Devan McGuinness

is the founder and executive director of the award-winning resource Unspoken Grief .