The Night I Cried So Hard I Couldn’t Breathe

A story of miscarriage: the night I cried so hard

I knew I was pregnant before I did a test. So I told my fiancé and I told him I did a test, but that I was too scared to look so he went and looked. We talked about our options, but decided we were OK with it and the excitement grew quickly. I told my best friend first and he told his brother. Then I knew he was really exited when I came home and he told me he had called his mum.

I told my mum the day before I started bleeding. I was 7 weeks and 4 days when it started. I went to the doctors and they did blood tests and then an ultrasound and I saw my baby’s heart beating.

Then the bleeding stopped.
But not for long.
It got heavier.

My fiancé Sean came with me to a second ultrasound when I was 9 weeks pregnant and he got to see our baby’s heartbeat. That night,the cramps started and that was when I miscarried.

The doctor was so clear the second he saw me I knew what he was going to say.
That night I cried until I couldn’t breathe anymore and Sean held me all night.

— Stephanie

Photo credit: adapted from ahisgett | Flickr

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