Nothing Hurts More Than Losing Something You Wanted

Since I was a little girl, I dreamed of starting a family immediately after getting married. In 2011, we tied the knot and we didn't want to wait to start a family. Suddenly a month after the wedding, we were pregnant! The excitement, we didn't want to wait to tell everyone so we did, we […] —> continue reading

I Felt Robbed of a Chance of a Lifetime

This is the first time I ever write down my story. My partner and I have always wanted a child of our own as we were so great with other kids and I knew we would make great parents. I was still in college and he had just started a new job but we wanted […] —> continue reading

My Daughter Miscarried This Weekend

My daughter aged 20 has miscarried at 9 weeks this weekend. Initially I was her rock and my own thoughts and feelings were never in my mind. However, 48 hours later I selfishly feel as though I have just been hit with a wrecking ball. Out of site from my daughter, I have turned into […] —> continue reading