Four Years After My Worst Day, I Was Blessed With Hope

Four Years After My Worst Day, I Was Blessed With Hope

I was so happy to find out that I was expecting my second child at age 36. At 17 weeks, I noticed that I had green mucus when I went to the washroom so I went to the doctor and they checked me. The doctor told me I was on 1 centimeter dilated. They transferred me to the hospital to have an emergency cerclage (a stitch to close your cervix).

Four weeks later, at 21 weeks, my water broke and I went to the emergency room, they removed the stitch and prepared me for labor. 4 hours later my baby King was born, the happiest day of my life. The nurse cleaned him up and gave him to me. In Rhode Island, there is a law that if babies are born before 23 weeks they don’t try to save them.

I held my little angel for 2 hours.

He died in my arms. It was the saddest day of my life.

After his passing they wanted to send me home I told them no, I was going to stay 4 days, they let me stay. While in the hospital my left leg was swollen and I was limping,  I told the anesthesiologist what was happening and she said when you go home and if still swollen and hurting call the ER to see what they want you to do. Four days later, experienced the loss of my child, dealt with the funeral I had to return on the fifth day to the ER, when they checked my left leg, I had a DVT (deep vein thrombosis — a blood clot) on my left leg.

Couldn’t they just check me while I was there before?  

After that day, the 6th day I had to return because the pharmacy didn’t have the medication I needed for the DVT. While there again at the ER, part of my placenta came out in pieces — yes my placenta, which when I delivered my angel they did not removed the whole placenta, it came out in pieces.

That year was the worst year of my life. 4 years later God blessed me with another baby boy. Today I am the mother of two precious boys. Thank you for reading.

— Mariiita

Photo credit: adapted from dreamingofariz | Flickr

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