Life After Loss

You Are Not Alone

To the mother reading this in tears with a broken heart, seeking comfort in some small measure, whose world was just completely turned upside, because you have experienced the unfathomable loss of a baby in pregnancy, at birth or in early years – you are not alone. To the mother whose plans and dreams for […] —> continue reading

I Celebrated What Could’ve Been

When you lose a baby, the whole world seems to just stop turning. Instead of sunshine lighting up your life, there seems to be this impenetrable, unending darkness. Your once bright and shiny world filled with baby naming websites and cute onesie finds on Etsy falls apart with the simple sentence of, “We can’t find […] —> continue reading

Common Symbolism in Perinatal Grief

A small representation that would hang on my Christmas tree forever of the angel that I had gained with the loss of my baby. Last week, my best friend Kelly came to visit me. I was so excited because I hadn’t seen her in months and we were finally going to have time to catch […] —> continue reading