Don’t Forget Dad: How to help the grieving father

When we think of baby loss we immediately think of the mother and meeting her needs through the grieving process. But let’s not forget that next to her is a grieving father. Everyone grieves, however men process the grief differently than women. It’s important to understand how grief looks for them in order to meet […] —> continue reading

Grieving Without Religion

When I accepted this prompt, I didn't expect my father in law to pass away a few days later. My husband had been out to visit him briefly over the weekend. He came home Sunday, I accepted the post Monday and my father in law passed away on the Tuesday evening. Grief has been raw […] —> continue reading

How My Partner’s Grief Differed From Mine

The first thing he did following the news was draw closer and grab my hand. He squeezed me so tight the shock of our son's death vibrated between us. We were like magnets clinging together by a sheer force of nature. I screamed out proclamations of self-blame- he quieted me with reassurance that, although we […] —> continue reading

Goodbye is the Beginning

I waited in the half light and quiet, numb from the waist down, and He was with me, and we talked, and I prayed it would be fast, and that he'd carry me through. There wasn't a cry to cleanse the memory of the pain, no grip on my fingers to comfort. I had secretly […] —> continue reading