Our Last Time Together

I flew across the world to be with my granddaughter and my daughter while her second baby girl, who was born at 28 weeks, fought for her life for two days. I'm not ready yet to share details about her death, she had gone to heaven two hours prior to my arrival at the hospital. […] —> continue reading

IOUD, Part One

We packed our bags and grabbed our Finn, and left for 1000°-degree rural Texas for a few days to visit family. We killed two scorpions the first night, and subsequently captured a jumping spider that was surely named for the effect it has on its prey. And human captors. Avara lay next to me, on […] —> continue reading

Grief is Not a Competition & Stigma Still Exists

Two weeks ago I started writing for Babble's Being Pregnant blog. I was brought on to share my experience with perinatal grief, miscarriage and loss and because my husband and I are in serious debate over adding to our family - another child.  I am thrilled to be able to write our experience and help […] —> continue reading