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How My Partner’s Grief Differed From Mine

The first thing he did following the news was draw closer and grab my hand. He squeezed me so tight the shock of our son's death vibrated between us. We were like magnets clinging together by a sheer force of nature. I screamed out proclamations of self-blame- he quieted me with reassurance that, although we […] —> continue reading

7 Practical Ways to Help Your Grieving Friend

The loss of a loved one can be such a painful and life changing experience, and when a close friend experiences such loss, it can be quite difficult and confusing on how we can offer help, support and comfort. Naturally, we tend to be lost for words and don’t know exactly what to do or […] —> continue reading

5 Tips for Supporting Your Partner in Pregnancy After Loss

Loss has a fundamental impact on our lives. It changes the way we act and, often, the way we interact. It impacts our everyday lives. The veil created by any loss will lessen over time. The loss itself may remain forever, but as we develop our ability to cope, it gets easier to get through […] —> continue reading

9 Tips for Strengthening Your Marriage After Loss

“Grief knits to hearts in closer bonds than happiness can; and common sufferings are far stronger links than common joys.” Alphonse de Lamatrine In the case of my husband and me, I hope this is true! The loss of a child can mean so many things to so many different people, from family, friends, and […] —> continue reading