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When You Both Lose

At our first fertility appointment in 2012, our doctors and nurses were so upbeat and positive with us, not that we had expected grim outlooks from them. But their reassurance that ours would be a quick and successful IVF cycle reinforced what we had already believed.There was no reason to think we'd have a problem. […] —> continue reading

Don’t Forget Dad: How to help the grieving father

When we think of baby loss we immediately think of the mother and meeting her needs through the grieving process. But let’s not forget that next to her is a grieving father. Everyone grieves, however men process the grief differently than women. It’s important to understand how grief looks for them in order to meet […] —> continue reading

What I Needed from the Medical Staff After Loss

It seems every OB/GYN and maternity ward nurse and staff is prepared and ready to welcome a newborn baby into this world; after all that is their innate passion and the reason why they chose that career, but are they also prepared to handle the loss of a baby, while offering the most support to […] —> continue reading