Embracing Your Postpartum Body After Loss

[vc_row 0=""][vc_column][vc_column_text 0=""] Pregnancy changes your body and for some women the changes are more noticeable to others, but we can see them ourselves, no matter how subtle. It can be hard for some people to come to terms with their new shape after pregnancy, but for women who experience miscarriage, stillbirth, or neonatal loss, […] —> continue reading

How to Help Your Friend Through Those Difficult Dates

After experiencing pregnancy or infant loss, a wave of milestones will inevitably wash upon us, bringing challenges that are difficult to process. While these moments are often painful and unavoidable, you need not face them alone. You may receive support for the more obvious milestones, like the baby’s birthday or due date and the date […] —> continue reading

Common Symbolism in Perinatal Grief

A small representation that would hang on my Christmas tree forever of the angel that I had gained with the loss of my baby. Last week, my best friend Kelly came to visit me. I was so excited because I hadn’t seen her in months and we were finally going to have time to catch […] —> continue reading