Born But Not Recognized

Hello –  I am a mother of 2 children – my son is 20 months old and I lost my little girl in July this year, at 21 weeks, after discovering she had a fatal heart condition at her 20 week scan. This has been the most horrific experience I have ever had and wouldnt have gotten through it had I not found a support group for ladies who had gone through the same as me… that group happens to be with another site, but I am here today to ask for some additional support if I may.

When my little girl was born, we were told that we would not be allowed to register her birth (still birth) because she was born before 24 weeks. To some people this doesn’t cause upset. But for me, this has been terribly distressing. My daughter Kate was alive, she had a heartbeat, she was born, yet somewhere in government, someone has decided that a baby born before 24 weeks cannot and will not be acknowledged in the official records of this country (UK).

It is now over 4 months since Kate was born and rather than bothering me less as time passes, it is gradually bothering me more and more. Obviously I will never ever forget Kate, nor will any of her family, but I feel that she and all other Angel babies deserve to have the recognition and acknowledgement that they should get.  I have therefore created a petition so that I can fight for Kate and her Angel friends…I need several thousand signatures before government will even read it, so if anyone can sign it, i would be so so grateful. Some of my fellow Angel Mums on the other group have posted the link into their facebook profiles or on Twitter, which more people can then see and re-copy in their own profiles. If anyone can help me in spreading the word and getting these signatures, i would be so so grateful.

I am so so sorry to all of you for losing what is most precious. The loss of a baby, at any age and for any reason, is quite simply earth shattering and I am sorry that you too have suffered this.

Thank you in advance for reading and for your support. And fingers crossed that I dont get into trouble for posting a link to the petition…

All my love, Caroline.

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My little girl was born sleeping at 21 weeks. We are not allowed to register her birth because she was younger than 24 weeks old. This causes me great distress. I have now met many other Angel Mums who feel the same. So I have therefore set up a petition to fight for acknowledgement for all of our babies, regardless of the age they were born. I am desperate for support so please share the petition link as much as possible. Thank you from deep inside my heart.

  1. I can’t sign as I live in the US but I have shared it on FB, Twitter, Stumble, and LinkedIn. I hope you achieve your goal! Much love and peace to you, I am so very sorry for your loss.

  2. Thank you so much, truly…by posting it that way, hopefully others will see the link and sign and re-post it too…this issue means so much to me and so many other angel mums, i cant tell you how grateful I am. Lots of love xxxxxxxxxx

  3. i am so sorry for you i wish i could sign but i too live in the US. i lost my son Sep 4, 2011 he was 22 wks 6 days. I never received a death or birth certificate on my son for the same reasons it hurts and wish it could be different, my son moved and had a heart beat and had all his fingers and toes and already had his own personality. I wish you the best of luck and again i am so sorry for your loss.

    1. Hi Alexis, I am sorry to have not seen your reply until now – thank you for replying, i greatly appreciate it… it is so upsetting just how many people have lost their children and who are subjected to this cruel aspect of our law… i am so sorry for your loss and hope that as the weeks pass, you can feel the darkness lift a little. All my love, C xxxxx