Until Then, Lauren

I picture you, My Sweet Baby, in a golden crib wrapped in blankets made of clouds.
Angels are at each corner, hovering over you, so proud.

We know you are safely placed in the palms of God’s Hands.
Your Mommy and your Daddy just wish we could understand.

Why we didn’t get a chance to kiss and hold you tight.
Why we didn’t get a chance to calm your cries in the night.

We didn’t get a chance to wipe your little nose.
Didn’t get a chance to kiss your little toes.

We know in our hearts, Heaven is the best place you can be,
Although we wish with all our hearts you were here to play with Abby.

Please just know, Sweet Lauren, our love for you runs deep.
Your memory in hearts to cherish and to keep.

You will always be with us, Mommy, Daddy, Jordan, Jake, and Abby,
We celebrate your short sweet life and how you made us happy.

Words can never reveal how much we ache in our hearts,
But when we join with you in Heaven we will never be apart.

Until then, Lauren,
All of our love for eternity,
Mommy, Daddy, Jordan, Jake and Abby

Lauren was born sleeping Jan. 9, 2010.

We love her and miss her every day.

Every single day.

Our story:  A single trip to our doctor changed everything. No heartbeat that fateful day.  Followed by a few days of waiting to deliver so our loving doctor could be present. Love was all around us as she was born.  The time was sweet, sad, and tender, until my bleeding didn’t stop. Then swirls of professional activity and physical pain suddenly surrounded me. I knew I had to stay here with my sweet baby girl at home,and painfully, I knew my newest baby had the best care I could ever possibly hope for. God’s plan was for me to stay. We held Lauren and kept her as long as we could. They placed us in a room at the end of the hall, but we didn’t mind to hear a newborn’s cry. We were happy for them. But we understood they were just doing what they thought we would appreciate. So empty that day we left the hospital, a box of mementos and a teddy bear as I was wheeled out the hospital doors.  I know she is with me, I know the Lord is watching over her – and her family here.  The ache is beyond words, but the love is even greater.

– kmhill6

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  1. My heart breaks for you I know the pain!! My baby hunter was born on August 25th 2000. Our stories are almost identical!! I miss him so much even though I have been blessed with 4more since him…the only difference is I had no problems they could find NOTHING WRONG…his cord had burst.

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