Trying to Get Pregnant After Losing Son to SIDS

“Hi. I lost my son at 4.5 months to SIDS back in January, and am now trying to get pregnant again and its not happening…for 5 months…any advice from anyone is appreciated. And thanks for the supportive site, it helps”

— Anonymous #911


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  1. I lost my son at 2 months suddenly in his sleep. It’s been two months and it’s still as bad as first day. Have you had any luck since your post? You’re much braver than me. I don’t know if I’ll ever have another one.

  2. Hello to you both and I am sorry for your losses. My question is slightly different only because I am pregnant. I lost my 6 month old son Colin to sids 7 months ago and I am 6 weeks pregnant. While I had made the decision to have another “sooner” I had not planned this. I’ve come to terms and found grace with it but my concern is with everyone else. After my son’s passing cps became involved and my entire family dealt with it by placing blame on me and/or my children’s father. While it’s been proven the fault was not ours they treat me like everything I do is wrong and since announcing the pregnancy I am dealing with more of the same. They weren’t there for me following the birth of my second child and definitely not following his loss and now I am facing more of the same. The cps investigation while unfounded is not yet closed and I’m afraid they will try to use this to make another attempt at taking my two year old and possibly this child as well. I had to tell so early because I have an insanely tilted uterus and I show by two weeks I now look 4 months pregnant…. There is no hiding it for me. What can I do?

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