Thank You For Listening

I am grateful for the friends that let me grieve, the ones that don’t change the subject or tell me I need to move on.

My child would turn four tomorrow, July 4th, and instead – on a day that’s meant to be so celebratory, for so many reasons – I blast the air conditioner on high to drown out the sound of fireworks.

How do you move on from a loss like this?  I don’t think you ever truly do.

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  1. i’m coming up on 5 years since my loss of a child I wasn’t even aware of conceiving. I still can not tolerate anything happening on that day, i just lock myself up and cry. writing letters helps, but i have a hard time not turning it into hateful thoughts about myself. i frequently think of a toddler running around the house. it makes my home feel so very very empty at times.

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