Tell Me It’s Not True

I lost my baby over two weeks ago now, not a day goes by when it’s not the first thing on my mind, but I am feeling really raw since last night with such a high-profile loss on the news (My thoughts and prayers go out to Dawn and Gary Barlow).

Music is what I do when I am having a raw moment, it was what I first broke down completely to when in hospital loosing blob (curtains around the bed, headphones in), and Ed Sheeran’s ‘Small Bump’ and Bill Withers ‘Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone’ were the tunes of choice.

Strangely though I was brought to another tune last night, a tune whose lyrics are about the loss of a child, and whose lyrics really sum up how I feel at the moment. It’s called ‘Tell me it’s not true‘ and it’s off the musical Blood Brothers. I’m not sure I can post a link on here so if you want to listen to it, there is a decent version on You Tube sung by Barbara Dickson. Strangely enough, although this musical is one of my favourites, I only remembered about the song when, last night, I was reading about Dawn and Gary on the BBC news website and the link on the bottom of the page was about ‘Blood Brothers’ closing down in the West End, and it mentioned the song.

I can’t talk much about the Miscarriage at the moment, this is about all I can say….

Tell me it’s not true, Say it’s just a story, Something on the news.

Tell me it’s not true, Though it’s here before me, Say it’s just a dream, Say it’s just a scene, From an old movie of years ago, From an old movie of Marilyn Monroe,

Say it’s just some clowns, Two players in the limelight, And bring the curtain down.
Say it’s just two clowns, Who couldn’t get their lines right, Say it’s just a show on the radio, That we can turn over and start again, That we can turn over; it’s just a game.

Tell me it’s not true, Say I only dreamed it, And morning will come soon.

Say you didn’t mean it, Tell me it’s not true, Say it’s just pretend, Say it’s just the end, Of an old movie from years ago, From an old movie of Marilyn Monroe.
Tell me it’s not true, Say I only dreamed it, And morning will come soon.

Tell me it’s not true Say you didn’t mean it. Say it’s just pretend Say it’s just the end Of an old movie from long ago From an old movie with Marilyn Monroe.

— lyrics from  “Tell Me It’s Not True” sung by Barbara Dickson

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Lost a baby at 13 weeks pregnant on the 15th July. I had been trying for the baby for over 2 years. I am a Mum to a 13 year old with a diffrent dad and am getting married to the baby's Dad on August 24th 2012

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  1. I wish I could tell you it is not true. I have wished so many times since my sons have died that someone would tell me this is all a very bad nightmare and I would wake up. Since I can’t tell you those words I am sending peace and hugs. Take care.

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