Taking Care of You

Taking Care of You Through Grief



Life changing.

These words don’t even begin to explain the feelings left over after a miscarriage, stillbirth or neonatal loss. I am not sure there is a word or even a phrase that can put into perspective the life long effects this grief can have on you & the ones around you.

Grief can be physically and emotionally draining. Compounded because your body physically went through a change & needs to heal on top of the grieving process which can also be quite physically demanding – it is very important to take care of you.


As much as you can you need to rest. Slow down a bit & give your body a bit of time to heal. Even if all you can allow for time is 5 minutes here and there – it is important for your body.


I know this might seem obvious but in the thick of the grief it may not be so obvious. Eat often & eat healthy – it’s good for the body and the mind.


Talk about your feelings, your loss and your baby. To anyone. To us. Write it down. Talk to a partner, friend, doctor. Don’t keep your grief and feelings bottled in.

Allow help

Allow your partner, friends and family to help if they offer. Let them bake you some meals, take you out if you feel like it. Accept their ear or shoulder.

Ask for help

Don’t be shy to ask for help – with whatever. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable – especially to those closest to you.


Give yourself time. Don’t try to put a time frame on when you will ‘feel better’ & don’t let anyone else put a time frame on you.

Photo credit: adapted from christinejwarner | Flickr

What did you do to take care of you?

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