We Were Blindsided.

It came out of nowhere. It was so unexpected.

First pregnancies are so new and unknown that I thought it was normal.

My baby had been moving less but they say there is no pattern before 22 weeks. I was 20 weeks and he seemed to be moving less but I wasn’t worried, I had my 20 week ultrasound to get the reassurance I needed. But instead I got exactly the opposite.

My precious baby boy had a very bad case of Fetal Hydrops with fluid on the brain, heart and abdomen making him the size of a 26-27 gestational week baby. I had an amnio done to see if there would be a cause and possible treatment, but he passed before we even got the results.

Two days later I had my general appointment and found out my first baby had no heartbeat.  I was induced that day and 12 hours later Zachary was born. 1 lb 7.5 oz and 10.75″ long at 5:53am on 11/10/11.

We were blindsided. This wasn’t supposed to happen. That night coming home from the hospital we got in a car accident to top off the day. We are slowly healing and starting to feel new hope as we start thinking about trying for a sibling for Zachary.

I want to believe that he will be up there and help keep our next pregnancy safe by watching over any future children. But I’m scared. We don’t know if there is a chance for recurrence because the autopsy was inconclusive. Every day I think of my son and wonder what could have been.

— Ali F

more of her story:  website

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