Some day… One day

To my much wanted, beloved son ~Acacius dearest~

A tiny precious life growing in my womb
Carrying and waiting for you to bloom
All my love, hope and plans for you
Crushed by news that sent me right into the tomb
In tears, in pain, that words cannot explain
Uttered in my heart, hoping reality is more humane
Shocking, suffering, I’d never known breathing can be such a drain

I hope someday my wound will be healed and strength will be regained

Learn to live, love, and laugh again
pen my heart to reaccept God, and hope someday He will reveal His master plan
Vouch to living life fully, so that you will not have to worry about me
ven though today my world is still gloomy, but I do…do believe

Yearning to hold you in my arms is not a fantasy
One day I will be playing with you in heaven and shouting with glee
Until then, I will carry you in my heart eternally

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