So Many Times

I have been pregnant more times than most friends have children, but I have only one child.

Oh, how I loved those babies. I prayed for their hearts to continue, but they just stopped beating. My success is a sweet boy who loves to run jump and kick, but what I wouldn’t give to see the others do the same.

When I see them again it will be a joyous time. I hope my angels protect their momma from another heartache.

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  1. I feel as you do. I have had six sweet children, but all of them have died. Five of them died in the first trimester, which is suppose to be understandable. I don’t understand it at all. Our fifth child, our baby boy, died at 33 weeks. It was such a heart break, so, so sad. He is our one, he was suppose to be the one that lived to make our family, but not in this life. I only pray that I can have the one that survies to help create our family. Love to you and your sweet little family, here and in heaven.

  2. In our heart of hearts we wish for life to be all we hope for… we pray for good health, happy children and most of all for our babies to be healthy. Miracles come into our lives … the gift of life the most precious of all.. Prayers are what are so needed in times when life changes those journeys and we take a step into the unthinkable. God gives
    us a path and our hearts follow .. never fail to look back but always look forward as well.. for our lives unravel to show us that we can be happy again.

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