Saying Good Bye to 2010, My Worst Year Ever

2010 started off so well. I had just found out I was pregnant after 7 years of trying. I was turning 40 and we were having a huge party to celebrate. I was having a great pregnancy. The CVS showed that our baby would not have Cystic Fibrosis (this was a worry since hubby and I are both carriers) and was genetically perfect. We found out we were having a boy (huge jumps for joy on the part of my husband). We were surrounded by a fabulous group of friends which is greatly appreciated since we live in a different country from our family. We went on some great vacations to places like Madrid, Dubai, and Lisbon.

Life was pretty good, in fact I remember thinking that 2010 would be the best year ever.

Then it all went wrong. I went in for my 36 week scan to find out that our son had no heartbeat. We had to break this news to our family and friends. I gave birth to my son but would never get to hear him cry or see him smile. We grieved. We had to deal with the business of the death of our infant son. I had to go to the registrars office to register his birth. I brought home his death certificate. We grieved. We had him cremated and had to pick up his ashes from the crematorium. We had his ashes blessed, and then we scattered them in a very beautiful place. Some of our family members were supportive, and some were not. We got the post mortem results. We grieved some more. We decided to celebrate Christmas and we survived.

We are still surrounded by a fabulous group of friends and to them I am eternally grateful. Our family is in the US and without our friends being here to support us I’m not sure we would have made it.

What started off as possibly the best year ever, turned into the worst year of my life. I’ve been through some things before, but nothing like this. Nothing ever prepares you for what it is like to lose a child. I feel like I’ve been on a rollercoaster that I can’t get off. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions that I hope to never have to experience again. It’s exhausting.

Now that 2010 is coming to and end I am relieved. It has been a rough year and looking back I’m not sure how I survived it. I can only hope that things get better in 2011. So goodbye 2010 – I am glad to see you go.

Originally posted this on my blog Finding My New Normal back in December

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Finding My New Normal

Originally from California, I now live in London with my husband. We have had a great life with lots of adventures, love & fun. On August 13, 2010 our lives were shattered when we lost our son at 36 weeks pregnant. After struggling with infertility for many years, we thought we were finally going to have our miracle baby. Sadly, this is not what happened & I struggle every day to make sense of it all. But I am determined to get my life back. Not my old life of course, but a new life -a new normal. I have no idea how I am going to find it yet but I just know I will.

  1. Strange how we can know for sure that a year was the worst one ever. A loss does that to life, doesn’t it? My thoughts are always with you as you get through this first, difficult year. Glad you shared your thoughts here.

  2. For many of us on this site, 2010 will be a year that will be etched in our hearts forever. I’m so sorry to read your story. I understand what a miracle baby you had, as we also struggled to get pregnant and when we finally did, we were so happy. I sometimes feel like the whole thing was just a pleasant dream…wish I was still there.

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