Remembering Our Angel: I need ideas!

Hello there,

As I’ve mentioned before, my EDD is coming up on March 10th. I’d love to get some ideas on how we can memorialize that day – I don’t want to say “celebrate” as it won’t be a celebration, but I would like to start some kind of tradition for our angel.

So far, the only things I could think of were to release balloons, and frankly I don’t know if there are “environment friendly” balloons that won’t hurt wildlife. We live in a climate where early March is still winter and there will be snow, so releasing butterflies will kill them instantly from the cold, its too cold to plant a tree or flowers. I just can’t think of anything.

If you have some ideas, or you’d like to share what you did, I’d love to hear it!!
Thank you!

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  1. I did some research on balloon releases because I also didn’t want to hurt the environment. Plain latex balloons don’t leave much of an impact, they are degradable, according to sites I visited. Not to push you that way, but I found a balloon release meaningful.
    Instead of releasing balloons, you could buy flowers and throw them into a moving stream or river, buy seedlings to plant when the weather turns warmer, or draw a symbol like a heart in a meaningful place.


  2. I got mine’s name written in the sand and framed it at home to see. My last loss was at almost 14 weeks, so we also went to visit where we buried him, but that was just us.

    You can get the name written and then ordered from here: They are gorgeous pictures and a good memorial.

    Hugs to you, due dates are one of the hardest days for me.

  3. We went to the international Star registry, and had a star named after our little girl… It is meaningful and the stars are ALWAYS there…even when you can’t see them. They send you the co-ordinates of the star and a certificate of authenticity… We love it!
    A tradition is nice too… Because My little girl was stillborn on Nov. 30th 2007, I always choose a little girl off of a Salvation Army tree, that would have been the same age as mine and I buy christmas gifts for her… It helps a child have a good Christmas and helps my heart aswell… maybe there is a charity you could donate to… or a child that needs school supplies or money to go on a school trip.. Just a couple ideas…

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