Remembering Our Angel: I need ideas!

Hello there,

As I’ve mentioned before, my EDD is coming up on March 10th. I’d love to get some ideas on how we can memorialize that day – I don’t want to say “celebrate” as it won’t be a celebration, but I would like to start some kind of tradition for our angel.

So far, the only things I could think of were to release balloons, and frankly I don’t know if there are “environment friendly” balloons that won’t hurt wildlife. We live in a climate where early March is still winter and there will be snow, so releasing butterflies will kill them instantly from the cold, its too cold to plant a tree or flowers. I just can’t think of anything.

If you have some ideas, or you’d like to share what you did, I’d love to hear it!!
Thank you!


A mid-30's Catholic female, lucky enough to be married to her best friend, Freddie, since 2007, mom to an angel baby and chronic back pain sufferer of almost a decade.

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