Reliving the whole thing over again

Today had to one of the hardest days in the last few months. Last week, one of the girls that works for me found out that she was pregnant. She made her appointment to see the OB to get prenatal care. I saw her today.

I asked her how her appointment went and she told me so so. I asked her what she meant and she informed me that she was going to have an abortion. She is already 8 weeks along. They will be doing this in 2 – 3 weeks. Her entire 1st trimester will be close to being done. I felt like i got punched in the gut and then I started to think about my Angel.

I did not have a choice but to terminate. The choice was taken out of my hands and the guilt I feel in tremendous. My baby was dying and would have been dead within a few minutes and i would have been dead as well. Her reasoning is that they just don’t want a baby. All I keep thinking about is that she is selfish. Does she not realize how precious life is? Does she not realize what so many women have had to endure and how many losses we have had to go through?

The tears and heartache is just too much to bare and then to hear that she will terminate just because makes me so sick. I have been in tears most of the day praying for this child. I cannot believe how strong this feeling is. I wish she knew what she will be giving up. Human life is nothing to take for granted. I would do anything to have my child back. It makes it so hard to even be around her right now

{Editors Note:  Please don’t make this into a pro-life/pro-choice conversation.  Facing someone who is making a decision to terminate their pregnancy for whatever their personal reasons are is a common trigger for many miscarriage survivors}

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