Random Thought From A (Sensitive) Multiple Miscarriage Survivor

I am very open about having survived 10 miscarriages. I think it is important to open up the discussion and let others know that it is not something t0 be embarrassed about, and to let others know they are not alone. That someone else has a hint of their pain.

I am still human.  I have my good and bad days and triggers and (over)sensitivities.

One thing i can be very sensitive about is the reaction I sometimes receive when someone finds out my miscarriage history. Yes, it can be shocking, sad, overwhelming – but it is my story. Having someone pull a giant ‘oh my god!!!!!’ or ‘really?!?! 10???’ reaction to hearing I have been through 10 miscarriages makes me feel like a freak-show. No one wants to feel like that.

I know that it is not the reaction people are going for. That they are just genuinely shocked, mean well and are not trying to be hurtful.  Those type of reactions makes me feel embarrassed.

I don’t need to feel any more embarrassed. It is not something i should be embarrassed about and it’s definitely not something i should have to spend my energy comforting other people to get a handle on.

Yes. I have been through 10 miscarriage. Yes, 10. 1-0. Ten.  Now, ask me anything about it, reach out to me for help/support but get over your shock & next time keep that part to yourself.

* note: yes i am probably being oversensitive. we all have days like that. thanks for listening

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