Our magic missing baby girl

Its so sad to use the word “normal” to describe the women who have experienced losing a baby, but the truth is here, thanks to all of the courageous mothers sharing their stories.

Too many in my opinion, its all really very sad.

7 weeks ago I gave birth to identical twin girls, it was an uncomplicated pregnancy, the babies reaching full term at 37 weeks. ( a rarity for MCDA twins).
However on the day before I was booked in to be induced at the hospital, the Drs discovered one of the babies hearts had stopped.

They conducted an emergency cesarean section on me, delivering a healthy baby girl and her deceased identical twin sister.

No results from our babies autopsy reveal any cause of death.

Instead, we have a beautiful daughter who’s alive and making our lives feel full of hope as well as the feelings of huge loss and sadness we have for losing her sister. We will miss you very much bub and will remember you every day.

Always Love, your mum.

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