My Grief Is Real Too. Acknowledge It.

Grief will hit us all at some point in our life.  Fact of life really.  If you have emotions and people around you eventually the time will come that you will grieve for someone.  Heck, it doesn’t even need to be someone.  There are support groups set up for people who grieve divorce, job loss, pets and more.

Grief is shit.

Why do people and organizations and society feel the need to organize our grief into neat little categories and then put them in order of importance?

I am a survivor of miscarriage. I had a baby growing inside me and 8 weeks later that baby was gone. Miscarriage.  BABY.  Why is it that there is little to NO support for that? For me? My loss? My grief?

I don’t want this to come out the wrong way because I am so glad there are resources and support groups set up for this but why is it that hospitals, communities, charities and online communities always leave us out when it comes to grief?  There is support for women who have been through stillbirth and neonatal loss and the death of a child but WHY is my child not considered important enough for grief?  It was just a miscarriage.  Just some blood and clots.

That is bullshit.

People understand the grieving mother who lost their child due to stillbirth or neonatal death. People comfort and surround that mother with love and understanding.  Why am I different? Why am I supposed to just pretend that it wasn’t a big deal or like nothing happened?

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