My Angel Baby Kirrah Elizabeth

I’m nineteen years old, the baby was not planned.

My boyfriend at the time was in the Army, and although we are both very young we were overjoyed about our baby.

As soon as we found out were were expecting we decided to tell our family & friends ( besides our parents who knew already). Everything went along perfectly fine, i had my prenatal appointments.

My boyfriend came home for the holidays and we chose her name, i knew from day one she was girl, i just knew. The day after he returned to base ( my 11 week mark)  however i woke up cramping and covered in blood, i already knew then i’d lost her, but still rushed to the ER, hoping  just maybe by some chance I was wrong.

After external and internal ultrasounds my suspicions were confirmed, I tried not to cry then and i was in shock. However returning home and having to call my boyfriend who was 10 hrs away at the time just made me snap into reality. I couldnt understand it, why she was taken away, and i still feel sad everyday longing to know who she would have grown up to be, or what she would have looked like.

I know God has a plan for her, but it doesn’t stop the hurt. Shortly after this loss my best friend gave birth to a stillborn baby girl named BellaRosa, so now whenever i think of Kirrah, i try to think of her grandpa up there singing her lullaby’s and my goddaughter and her playing together.

Rest in Peace to my angel baby & to my goddaughter, you will be forever loved.

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