Miscarriage Symbolism: What Triton, Cherry Blossoms & Hibiscus Mean For My Healing

I have spoken a lot of Triton & have shown off the tattoos i have gotten in memorial for my 10 miscarriages but i have realized I never shared why those are all important to me. What “Triton”, cherry blossoms with falling petals and hibiscus flowers mean to me & recently I have had some readers ask.  Common symbols for miscarriage are angels and butterflies – & I wanted to share the significance of the images i have chosen.

Triton: The name is known as a Greek mythological God (son of the ‘god of the sea’) who was the messenger of the    sea. He is depicted as a merman or upper half human & lower half fish. The significance of this name to me & this image is the as the story goes he carried a special conch shell that he used as a trumpet. He would blow on it to calm the waves of the sea.  That is what Triton has done for me. He calmed my waves of my anger, confusion and hate towards my body.
Cherry Blossoms: I have 9 cherry blossom tattoos all over my body & Japanese cherry blossoms have a meaning that really connected with me.  Cherry blossoms are a very delicate flower that only bloom for a short period of time. This was also true of my 9 early miscarriages. They were beautiful & delicate and gone too soon.
Pink Hibiscus: Pink as a color symbolizes love and a feeling of calm. I have 4 hibiscus flowers on my back & each represents each of my children (& Triton is included) & the hibiscus represents a delicate beauty- very similar to cherry blossoms but these flowers are stronger, bigger and that is how i feel of my children.


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