Let the Waters Rise

I’ve been married for two years now and since the day we said “i do” my husband has wanted nothing more than a baby, but i wanted to enjoy the newlywed life for a while first.

This past summer I told him we could start trying and two months ago I had a positive pregnancy test (then took two more because I was so shocked). Once my husband found out, he was ecstatic! We told our family and close friends. Everyone was as excited as we were.

I was about 7 weeks along when I started having some spotting. the spotting turned into bleeding, so I went to my doctor. They tested my hCG levels and sent me home saying things were looking good. The next day, more bleeding and some cramping, but this time when I went in, the news wasn’t good.

My hCG levels had dropped and the doctor informed me that I was experiencing a miscarriage. I was devastated. My husband tried to stay strong for me, but I could tell he was hurting just as much as I was.

It’s just tough to deal with, especially with everything that’s going on. Two of my friends just had babies. Another of my friends has the same due date that I should’ve had- really?! My sister and sister-in-law both recently found out they are pregnant. It’s a lot to take in.

A song that has helped me through this is “let the waters rise” by mikeschair. it says, “God, You know where I’ve been and You were there with me then. You were faithful before, You’ll be faithful again”, and I completely believe that.

And with the love, support, and prayers of my family, friends, and especially my husband, I’m getting there.

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