Keeping Faith

Not to have you breaks my heart

Yet, to know you’re safe fills me with warmth.

Remembering how much it hurt

To lose you to an early birth.

Memories of that September day…

When I woke up surrounded by the doctors’ faces,

Floods my soul with a terrible pain…

An ache that I know will never fade away.

The last night I spent with you,

Hearing the sound of your heart beat,

Was a pleasant dream come true…

Such a beautiful rhythm that I continue to repeat.

Every fiber of my being,

Yearns to hold you close…

Sadly, I know it’s not a possible reality.

But it will always be what I want the most.

If only you were here,

For me to shower you with kisses and hugs…

I would never let you stray away, my dear,

Simply because I want to show you all my love.

I know I will truly never say goodbye,

You’re my guardian angel forever.

Oh, how I wish you were by my side…

My beautiful and precious daughter.

If I could turn back time, I surely would,

I would’ve done anything to have kept you safe…

However, I know there was no way I could,

For it wasn’t my place to say you’d stay.

It’s nowhere near the end,

So I want you to always know…

Mommy and Daddy can’t wait to see you again,

And always know that our love for you continues to grow.

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