Just joined

I’m glad I encountered this site. I forget exactly how I found it, I was just doing a blitz of googling about miscarriage and found sites that recommended other sites and here I am.

Five days ago I was diagnosed with my third miscarriage, the second miscarriage after a heartbeat was seen. I couldn’t believe that this has happened to me again. I don’t really want to talk about it with friends and family, but I do feel that need to get some of this distress out of my head. Again, so here I am. The bleeding hasn’t started yet, I’m just waiting. I know the drill. I am less heartbroken over the actual loss, than I am terror-stricken that this will never end and never result in a take-home baby.

It’s hard to stay encouraged, to keep up hope, even though I know there are alot of steps  I still can take to investigate this problem. So far, my ob/gyn had attempted blood sugar therapy in the form of metformin, exercise, and diet control. I made changes and lost weight- 18 pounds in four months. But I still lost another baby.

Hence the setting in of hopelessness.

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