I Feel The Stigma of Miscarriage & It’s Not Fair

I am the founder of Unspoken Grief.

I speak to so many families each week who have been touched by perinatal loss and grief.

I know just how important talking is — for our own health and to show others it’s okay.

I work hard to try to remove the stigma. To make it ‘easier’ for those needing support to find it.

For those needing to express their grief — to be heard — with compassion and care.

Yet, as I sit here typing, unsure if I want this to be published, I feel the stigma.

I feel silenced, over-concerned about what others will say — & what they won’t say but, will think to themselves.

I am currently losing another pregnancy. Another should-be child. 

I am holding on to my grief — to the words I want to type. For fear of others.

I feel the stigma I am trying to break. I can feel the pressure of society wanting me to keep this in.

I am embarrassed to type this — though it is nothing to be embarrassed about.

I feel the urge to keep the details inside. To keep my feelings inside.

For other’s sake — not mine. & that’s not fair.

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