Has This Happened to Anyone Else?

I was ten weeks pregnant and had been having problems since the beginning.

My hormone levels were no where near as high as they should have been so my doctor, very nice lady, prepared me for possible ectopic pregnancy.

Then, I bled for four days straight. She prepared me for a miscarriage.

I had my blood drawn again and my numbers had still gone up. She knew how I felt about abortion so we decided to let my body handle everything. I was scheduled for my first ultrasound the next week.

That weekend, I had severe pain — so I went to the hospital. I had never met the OB doctor that was on call. He ordered an u/s and they found cysts in my Fallopian tubes and around my ovaries. They kept me over night due to the pain.

Next morning another ultrasound and they found fluid which they decided was blood in my pelvic area so the doctor wanted to do a laparoscopy and remove the cysts causing problems.

That was ALL he said he was doing.

I got out of surgery and he proceeded to tell me that he also decided to take a look at my baby and took it upon himself to do a d&c because he determined my baby was incompatible with life and just “not normal”.

Who the he** is he to decide what’s normal?  But those were his exact words, and all I feel is hatred to him. He took away my baby because it wasn’t “normal”.

Has this ever happened to anyone else? I need help. Depression has hit me hard over this.

— Anonymous

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