Forever Part of Me {VIDEO}

Editors Note: Thank you Mommyfriend for your bravery to speak on camera. I heart you friend! ♥ It is very rare that i publish video on the site but this needs to be seen & thank you!

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  1. I agree with you on the insensitive medical terms – the doctor had called mine a “spontaneous abortion”. I was pleasantly surprised when a male resident came to apologize on behalf of his female attending who used that term. He clearly understood the impact of words.

    I think the tears will always flow. It’s been months for me, and when I’m busy I think I’m OK, but when I start talking about it, the tears always come. I also feel like my body betrayed me and my body failed. It’s horrible to feel this way.

    I like your analogy of our loss as a scar – that’s such a good way to put it. It will always be there and no future children will “fix”it. A scar that very few know is there…

  2. Watching you on this video was very real to me and thank you so much for sharing this. I cried with you and its so natural to do so.
    my miscarriage is still realitively new but I spoke with my aunt who lost her baby over 30 years ago and still crys about it. I really wish I was still pregnant and I wish i could have met my little one but you are right the wold is beautiful and I guess you have to find the best in it if you can.
    Thank you for being so brave to Vlog your day of rememberance x
    Kaz xxx

  3. It’s so not ridiculous to cry about it years later. So many people look at it like losing a pregnancy, just a sad change in condition, but we are losing a child. There will always be moments when it brings us to tears.
    I think it’s great that you recorded this and that Devon posted it. It makes it even easier to connect with the person to be able to see them. I just wanted to wrap my arms around you and comfort you.

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