Dear Triton: 10 Things I Love About Your Daddy

Dear Triton.

Tomorrow is Father’s Day and I find it being a hard day on myself.  It is a day that reminds me of what your Daddy lost. He lost you and 9 other Angels.  It is a day where i feel the guilt creeping back for my body failing you – and him.

In honor of Father’s Day here are 10 things I love about your Daddy

He loves me – with his whole being. After all we have been through & has never wavered.

2. When we were pregnant with you he took a belly photo of me – every day for 14 weeks. We were excited to see you grow.

3. He didn’t let me get rid of all those photos when i wanted to. He knew one day i would stare at them and smile instead of the gut wrenching pain at the beginning. It’s one small thing i have left of you

4. He lets me laugh; he lets me be silly; he is my best friend

5. He misses you & talks about you and that means so much to me

6. He is an amazing Daddy to your brother and sisters. amazing

7. He works hard to provide us with all that we have and is always learning something

8. He is beautifully weird. & i mean that in the best way. He can make me laugh like no one else

9. We have been together for 12 years now & it doesnt seem that long. which is a good thing.

10. He lets me cry; He holds me when i cry; and lets me grieve you and grieves with me

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