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Unspoken Grief wants you to raise your voice — share your stories. You can post about what happened, you can post about what you feel now, what you are afraid of — there are no limits as long as it pertains to miscarriage (including ectopic, molar and blighted), stillbirth or neonatal death. You can submit an blog post/article as often as you’d like.

This site is for anyone touched by perinatal grief — you can be the mom of baby no longer here, a father, brother, sister, aunt, grandmother/father, friend — anyone we want you to raise your voice.

You are able to post under a pseudo-name if that makes you more comfortable — all you need is a valid email address that will not be shared.  If you have a post that you wish to publish anonymously, that is accepted as well.

Here is how you do it:

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