I Have Never Cried So Hard In My Life

I never "wanted" to be a mother. I don't ever remember playing with dolls as a kid; pretending they were babies. And then my oldest sister had a baby at 16 (I was 10 almost 11) so that put me off of the idea even more. And as the years passed and I got older --> keep reading

The Words That My Husband and I Heard

High Risk. Defect. Abnormality. Disability. Possible Fatality. No parent wants to hear these words when talking about their child, no expectant parent wants to hear to words when talking about their unborn child. Unfortunately these were the words that my husband and I heard when I was 24 weeks pregnant. The weeks leading up to --> keep reading

No Amount of Reading Could Prepare Us

November 11, 2014: The day that my life changed forever. And maybe not for the worst, although I cannot see much of the good now. I believe things happen so we can learn from them. So we can grow and embody love and light. You can call me a spiritual person, yes. I believe there --> keep reading