Unspoken Grief Contributors

My Heart Was Crushed and I Never Recovered

I didn't think I would ever get pregnant, but 13 months after I got married in found out I was expecting. I was so happy me and my mum where jumping for joy, my husband was visiting his family when we found out but he was over the moon. I could have shouted the news --> keep reading

My Miscarriage Annoyed Me

In my limited experience, the permanence of death is as annoying as it is sad. As a teenager I grieved my grandfather's passing, but that didn’t stop me from expecting him to resurface eventually. When I struggled in history class, it irritated me that no phone yet invented would bring his help. Three years later --> keep reading

Our World Was Turned Upside Down, But We’re at Peace

After losing my precious baby girl at 42 weeks I searched everywhere for information about how quickly people had their rainbow baby. I am simply writing this to share with you my personal experience and to give hope to those who are searching. I had an emergency c-section after many hours of labor with my --> keep reading