Learning How To Suffer

Ever since I remember I suffered for one reason or another, yet my life was beautiful because I was surrounded by my family and I ignored the pain. When I turned 25 I got pregnant, but I was not married. I knew my parents would be disappointed and I knew my boyfriend might be too, […] —> continue reading

Not Sure If I Can Deal Anymore

So here is my story: I am 26 years old. When I was 17, I got pregnant with my son Ethan (who is now almost 8). I had a very normal pregnancy; no bleeding or cramping and was induced to deliver at 40 weeks. In 2007, I became pregnant again only to miscarry shortly after finding out. […] —> continue reading

The News

Before he left for his new duty station we wanted to get an ultrasound so that he could finally see our baby. Friday morning we finally made it to the hospital and into the exam room. I could feel my heart racing because I was so excited he would finally get to see our baby. […] —> continue reading

Should Have Been

Today, I should have been 18 weeks pregnant. My baby should have been growing, thriving, building. My baby should have been making her way to me. Instead, less than a week ago, I started spotting. After a trip to the ER, the doctor couldn't find a heart beat on the doppler. The next day, I […] —> continue reading