Unspoken Grief Contributors

The Lost Children

No one can really explain our losses. I am a 37 year old woman who has lost 4 pregnancies in the last three years and been through one unsuccessful round of IVF. We are still trying, although we have no idea really what is the best route to take now. No one can really explain --> keep reading

I Can’t Wait for the Day

Two days after my birthday, I found out I had miscarried. I have two kids and a husband. My husband and I have been together almost 5 years, my oldest is going to be four in October, and my youngest one in October. I thought I didn't want any more kids. In April of this year, I --> keep reading

I’ve Never Felt So Much Heartbreak

I'm 16. Of course, not ready for a baby. But it was happening. I made so many changes to prepare for a baby. Along with my boyfriend. I was finishing school early. I was going to transfer to college a year and a half early. We had both been working and saving up and had --> keep reading

He Was a Little Piece of Me

I had a miscarriage two days ago. I was 18 weeks pregnant, exactly half way through my pregnancy. I didn't know about it, I didn't know about him. I wasn't showing, I had no morning sickness or change in appetite or change in energy level. I did put on a bit of weight, but I --> keep reading