Unspoken Grief Contributors

What I Wish I had Known Prior to Losing Alexa

I never could have anticipated what awaited us in the ultrasound room that day. After three effortless conceptions and two textbook pregnancies, the only thing on my mind was, “Will this be our third daughter or our first son?” The rest of the appointment remains hazy, but I do recall the grim expression and somber --> keep reading

I Don’t Know If I Can Go Through Another

After having my two beautiful children, I experienced an early miscarriage when my second child was only 6 months old. I put it down to my body not recovering after the emergency c section I had to have with him at full term because of a prolapsed cord, not to make light of it but the --> keep reading

Words Have a Funny Way of Changing Your Life

Words have a funny way of changing your life. Words like "I love you" - those are the type of words that can change your life for the better. Words like "I'm pregnant" change your world again. Then, the words "it's a boy" get the plans and dreams rolling. Now you can better imagine, prepare --> keep reading

So Much Loss in So Little Time

I have had 2 miscarriages in 4 months.  I am grateful we have had no trouble getting pregnant. Still, I feel emptiness and isolation. We remain hopeful about our chances in the future and realize that it could be plain bad luck that our first 2 pregnancies weren't viable. The possibility of going through this --> keep reading