Unspoken Grief Contributors

No Amount of Reading Could Prepare Us

November 11, 2014: The day that my life changed forever. And maybe not for the worst, although I cannot see much of the good now. I believe things happen so we can learn from them. So we can grow and embody love and light. You can call me a spiritual person, yes. I believe there --> keep reading

That Day Our Hopes And Dreams Were Crushed

I first found out I was pregnant at 6 weeks, I told my husband and we let close family members know by the 10th week. I remember how excited we both were, the idea of being parents, the thought of a mini us was growing inside me made our relationship so much stronger. We had --> keep reading

Somehow, It Seems Important to Mark The Time

It's been 9 days. 9 days since a doctor told me that my baby boy's heart had stopped. 9 days since mine stopped too. 11 days since we found out that our little guy had Trisomy 18 and he was unlikely to live. 38 days since we had our first ultrasound and had the doctor --> keep reading

Safe Zone, Or So We Thought

From the moment those two blue lines appeared announcing the coming of our second daughter I was ecstatic!  Me and my husband dove into preparations with excitement, but also fear because we had almost lost our first child on several occasions. This time, I had a textbook healthy pregnancy -- everything went smoothly. I remember my --> keep reading