Unspoken Grief Contributors

The Cruelest Thing to Happen

Growing up, I never contemplated I may never have a family of my own. This prospect is now a nightmare that I am living day by day.It wasn't a conscious decision to get pregnant the first time. My husband and I were newly married and financially in a very bad place. I awoke one night to look --> keep reading

Completely Incomplete

I am young at 22,  and completely incomplete.From an even younger age I knew that I want to be a mother. As early as 10, if asked what I wanted to be when I grew up my answer would be "a mommy".I was the girl that was assumed I would be pregnant at a young --> keep reading

It Was The Loneliest Time of My Life

Last year, I got pregnant for the very first time! My due date was Christmas day I was only about 4-5 weeks when I found out. I was ecstatic and looking forward to everything! Then the next day, I began heavily bleeding during the afternoon – come to find out, I was having an early --> keep reading