Unspoken Grief Contributors

Is Our Baby Still Growing?

The first thing our little one asked when he woke up that morning was, "Is the baby still growing?" To which I said yes, but that we have to take it day by day. By 11:00 AM, I am already noticing some spotting and by dinnertime, I am already bleeding out. The last thing our --> keep reading

I Have Been Anxious, Scared and Bitter

I am not sure even where to begin. I feel like I am searching for comfort when I don't deserve it. I read stories of mothers who lost their children at 8 months or at birth and feel like my story is nothing in comparison. I found out I was pregnant December 2014. My husband --> keep reading

My Journey Will Continue When We Heal

My story began a few years ago while I was in medical school. I got those 2 pink lines and I thought " I can’t be pregnant now!" My then boyfriend agreed but in a "not- so- supportive" kind of way, he also had his career to think about. I decided that I couldn’t go --> keep reading

I Think This Will Take a While Before I’m OK

Before I met my husband I had two beautiful children to the wrong person, years of abuse, I finally got the courage and strength to leave with my babies. Sworn off men (just needing sometime to recover emotionally) I had no desire to start a relationship again, I mean I just found my new freedom --> keep reading