Unspoken Grief Contributors

I Am Riddled With Guilt

As life moves forward, I am riddled with guilt. It consumes me on a minute to minute basis of every day. How can I be functioning in this world? How can I still be Rhyli and Nate’s mama, Phil’s partner? How can I work and keep friendships? I don’t deserve this. My baby is dead --> keep reading

It Wasn’t In My Hands Though

June 29 was the day we were supposed to have Tatum Lee in our lives. She came about three months early and we lost her. The whole time I was hoping for a miracle when I was fighting for her. I did everything in my power to try and save her so she could be --> keep reading

For Now, All I Can Do Is Send a Card

As I was holding my newborn in my arms, feeling endless pride and love my colleague walks into congratulate me and to inform me of the status of one of my patients. We were both admitted to the hospital on the same day, both term pregnancies, both in labor. However, we had vastly different outcomes. I --> keep reading

This Was Something I Could Not Fix

I am the mother of 3 healthy boys. My oldest who is now 23 is married, and has a 3 year old son. When we found out that his wife was pregnant again this time with a girl, I was so excited. I never had a daughter and now this was my time to buy --> keep reading