Unspoken Grief Contributors

The Doctors Told Me There Was Nothing They Could Do

How many of us have had a loved one die in our arms?  Precious little ones, with all the hope, beauty and innocence of the world radiating from within.  Letting go was a pivotal moment in my life.  I can remember watching the machine calculating how close she was to the edge of death, begging --> keep reading

It Felt Like Someone Stabbed Me In the Gut

I am 35-years old and I had an unplanned pregnancy. The minute I found out, I was shocked, but over the moon. I had always loved kids -- I could do this. Someone to love and never be alone again. I had a wonderful pregnancy, swimming every day and just glowing. Noah was born 9 days --> keep reading

A Tribute to Eve

I lie here in my hospital bed, several hours from being discharged, with the hard knowledge I will be leaving here having gone through labor but will not be bringing home a baby.   I wonder what the next 24 hours, or for that matter all my days here on out, will bring. I started --> keep reading

When You Both Lose

At our first fertility appointment in 2012, our doctors and nurses were so upbeat and positive with us, not that we had expected grim outlooks from them. But their reassurance that ours would be a quick and successful IVF cycle reinforced what we had already believed.There was no reason to think we'd have a problem --> keep reading