Unspoken Grief Contributors

I Don’t Know If I Can Go Through Another

After having my two beautiful children, I experienced an early miscarriage when my second child was only 6 months old. I put it down to my body not recovering after the emergency c section I had to have with him at full term because of a prolapsed cord, not to make light of it but the --> keep reading

Words Have a Funny Way of Changing Your Life

Words have a funny way of changing your life. Words like "I love you" - those are the type of words that can change your life for the better. Words like "I'm pregnant" change your world again. Then, the words "it's a boy" get the plans and dreams rolling. Now you can better imagine, prepare --> keep reading

So Much Loss in So Little Time

I have had 2 miscarriages in 4 months.  I am grateful we have had no trouble getting pregnant. Still, I feel emptiness and isolation. We remain hopeful about our chances in the future and realize that it could be plain bad luck that our first 2 pregnancies weren't viable. The possibility of going through this --> keep reading

And That’s When My Heart Broke

I've read quite a few stories, just this sentence alone is starting to honestly kick my ass (pardon my French). Well, I guess my story starts all the way back when I was 14, that's when I started wanting kids -- weird thing to want at 14, but being the eldest and having a broken --> keep reading