Unspoken Grief Contributors

I Have Been Anxious, Scared and Bitter

I am not sure even where to begin. I feel like I am searching for comfort when I don't deserve it. I read stories of mothers who lost their children at 8 months or at birth and feel like my story is nothing in comparison. I found out I was pregnant December 2014. My husband --> keep reading

My Journey Will Continue When We Heal

My story began a few years ago while I was in medical school. I got those 2 pink lines and I thought " I can’t be pregnant now!" My then boyfriend agreed but in a "not- so- supportive" kind of way, he also had his career to think about. I decided that I couldn’t go --> keep reading

I Think This Will Take a While Before I’m OK

Before I met my husband I had two beautiful children to the wrong person, years of abuse, I finally got the courage and strength to leave with my babies. Sworn off men (just needing sometime to recover emotionally) I had no desire to start a relationship again, I mean I just found my new freedom --> keep reading

Mother’s Day Is My Favorite, But It’s Tough

Mother's Day is my favorite day of the year. Better than Christmas, better than my Birthday. Here is why: On this day, we celebrate and honor our own mothers, and all mothers who have guided and shaped our lives to this day. Strong, beautiful women who kissed the hurts and dried our tears, and laughed --> keep reading