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What I Wish I had Known Prior to Losing Alexa

I never could have anticipated what awaited us in the ultrasound room that day. After three effortless conceptions and two textbook pregnancies, the only thing on my mind was, “Will this be our third daughter or our first son?” The rest of the appointment remains hazy, but I do recall the grim expression and somber --> keep reading

Things You Can Do to Boost Happiness

It's no secret that this journey can weigh on you. It's easy to get sucked into the chasm of anger and guilt. We're angry at the world, at happy pregnant women with their beautiful round bellies, at the friend who gets pregnant three days after she started "trying" for her second, third, eighth baby, at --> keep reading

Healing Through Prayers

When we lost our sweet baby through miscarriage I leaned heavily on God.  I wrote about my grieving process with God on my side several months ago. I found it helpful to have a list of scriptures and prayers to turn to when I felt desperate and needed something quickly to reference and soak in.  --> keep reading

Saying Hello, Then Saying Goodbye

A pregnant mother, never imagines that maybe, just maybe, shortly after saying hello to their precious baby, they will also have to face saying goodbye. Sometimes this is sudden and unexpected, and sometimes this is determined early on in the pregnancy through testing and ultrasounds. Regardless of how and when it happens, having to meet --> keep reading