For Family/Friend

How to Help Your Wife/Partner Through Perinatal Loss & Grief

When we hear that someone had a miscarriage, stillbirth or a neonatal death of a child, we want to help them, but unless we've been through it ourselves, we can seem paralyzed with not knowing what to do to help. When it's your wife or partner who is going through the physical loss, there can --> keep reading

I’m Pregnant & My Friend Is Not Anymore

A difficult part of the grief left over after a miscarriage, stillbirth or neonatal loss is triggers in every day life that you can not avoid so easily. One of them being women who are pregnant – & can be especially difficult if you are pregnant and your friend is no longer. Can cause a --> keep reading

Words Woman May Find Hurtful After Miscarriage

This post is not intended to knock people who have said some of these comments, I myself have mistakenly said these to someone, before I had gone through a miscarriage. I have been told each of these statements at some point during my losses and although it can be difficult to know what the right --> keep reading