Break Your Silence

break your silence


Break Your Silence

Honest feelings as we navigate grief, loss, and life after. Chances are you’re not the only one feeling what you are and on the other end of the screen is someone realizing they’re not alone either. 

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I have not had an opportunity to tell my parents that I had a miscarriage. They did not know I was pregnant because I was still early. I am realizing that mother's day is going to be very hard for me this year

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I am overcome with grief, sadness, and feel so alone.I have experienced two, back to back miscarriages, and I am approaching the due date for my son, Jackson, on May 6th. No one seems to understand the depth of loss I feel.

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Lost my baby on mother's day 2017.Was my 1st baby at 40 years old after TTC since I was 30.In a few weeks on Mother's day I'll remember him as a beautiful proof that anything is possible & thank God for the miracle.Love wins

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When I first discovered I was pregnant, I felt worried because I was not yet married. But my child was not an inconvenience; it was my dear child whom I lost immediately following an ultrasound. My first pregnancy.

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I went in for my 12 wk appt, alone, and there was no heartbeat. Baby stopped growing at 8 wks. My body betrayed me, how did I not know? I'm broken. I wanted so badly to have this baby, it would've been our second.

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