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break your silence

Honest feelings as we navigate grief, loss, and life after. Chances are you’re not the only one feeling what you are and on the other end of the screen is someone realizing they’re not alone either. 

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Do I have the strength to try again? Am I willing to put myself on the line with the chance of saying goodbye to another child? I've lost 2 babies, 2 separate pregnancies both 2nd trimester--can I survive a 3rd try? Idk...

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3 miscarriages in 1 year. 5 babies lost since 2012. I don't feel like a woman anymore. Our only option now is in vitro. Will i ever be a mother?

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My wife and I had a long process to become pregnant. 3 days before my 12 week mark the ultrasound tech told me their was no heartbeat, it was in shock to learn about the reality of a 'Missed" or "Silent Miscarrage".

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A coworker was complaining about being pregnant yesterday. It was hard enough to deal with before another coworker turned to me and said 'you just don't understand'. They all know about my loses. Why are people so thoughtless

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I was 7 weeks pregnant. I heard the heartbeat for 2 days. I was urinating with small blood clots but no heavy bleeding or cramping.. 3 days later after my last ultrasound, they did not find a heartbeat. I am devastated

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