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break your silence

Honest feelings as we navigate grief, loss, and life after. Chances are you’re not the only one feeling what you are and on the other end of the screen is someone realizing they’re not alone either. 

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I'm poor, I'm a cripple, I couldn't provide more than love and education really. But when my baby died, weeks and weeks before she should have been born, it feels like I died too. I still scream into my pillow. I'm so broken.

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I allowed myself to feel hope this time.

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2nd pregnancy: 02/20/16 took pt and showed BFP, 03/07/16 had my 1st prenatal visit and had been the most sad day of my life to hear that there's no more heatbeat detected.03/22/16 finally mc'd naturally. Still feeling d loss

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My gran was my world, I thought I broke when she died but having a late miscarriage in my 1st pregnancy after years of trying is the worst pain I've ever felt. I never met my son but I never knew i could love him so much.

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My sister & I got pregnant 6wks apart. I lost my baby boy at 16wks and have had to watch her baby grow.Shes 30wks now -thank god they are both ok but I miss my baby every second of the day. I don't know how to move on

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