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break your silence

Honest feelings as we navigate grief, loss, and life after. Chances are you’re not the only one feeling what you are and on the other end of the screen is someone realizing they’re not alone either. 

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I miscarried on the 12/26/16. We hadn't announced it yet. I feel like no one is ever going to know about my baby and s/he is going to be forgotten. I'm so full of emotions I feel like I'm going to burst. I want my baby back.

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Feel like an utter and complete failure to myself/ to my family that I can't and won't be able to produce any children/grandchildren. Feel like I've let them down. I'm a "modern" woman struggling to find my reason for being.

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After 13 years of PCOS I conceived naturally in July 2016. It was a girl and I named her Myla. December 8th, 2016, I had a TFMR and D&E at 22 weeks and 6 days pregnant. I don't know how to live without her. I want my child.

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I was told I miscarried in March 2015 at 11 weeks. A "mistake" at the Dr.'s office allowed my thyroid levels to drop too low. I found out my baby had not developed past 8w2d. Nothing can describe the heartache after a D&C.

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My water broke at 19 weeks and I gave birth at 20 weeks. I still don't know why my water broke early. All I know is that my heart is broken. Im angry and I miss baby.

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