A Child Not Born Today


A child not born today

a tiny child, gone away

who’s footprint left so small a mark, it seems

Is a child not held today

No matter how much I would pay

This child’s only cradle is a dream

When that child’s not born today

I feel that imprint in a way

that lies beneath a surface you can’t see

For that tiny boy or girl

left a huge mark on this world

though the only world this child knew was me

Reflecting on my due date, just passed, after losing my baby at 17 weeks.

photo credit: adapted from one more dreamer | Flickr


First pregnancy. Lost our baby at 11.5 weeks. Didn't know until 17 weeks. Feeling lost and lonely, looking for an understanding network of voices, people have been there. Visit my blog at http://hangyourhopesfromtrees.wordpress.com/

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