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I Felt Utterly Broken and Betrayed By My Own Body

All my life I've wanted to be a mother. I never wanted a career. God, family and children, is all that has ever mattered to me.  So two months into our marriage, my husband and I were ecstatic to find out I was pregnant, just in time for Christmas with my family.  My sister-in-law was --> keep reading

I Believe My Five Children Are Watching Over Me

It’s been an emotional roller coaster that cannot be explained to anyone unless they have been through it. Like most married couples in this day, we planned when to go off birth control and I am one of the lucky people – it didn't take long and I was pregnant within two months of being --> keep reading

Devastated Does’t Being to Describe How I Felt

I am 25 years old and engaged to a wonderful man. I have had health issues since I was 14 years old. My fiancee and I recently decided to start trying to have a family. November 23, 2014 we were blessed with a positive pregnancy test! We were beyond excited! Two short weeks later, I --> keep reading

Preparing for Your Rainbow Baby’s Birth

The blessing of expecting a rainbow baby after loss is a joyful, hope-filled time. But as you prepare for this tiny miracle to arrive, you may encounter some fears along the way. Here are some qualms that can muddy the not-always-blissful waters as you charter through the delicate territory: When to announce your pregnancy Many --> keep reading