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The Night I Cried So Hard I Couldn’t Breathe

I knew I was pregnant before I did a test. So I told my fiancé and I told him I did a test, but that I was too scared to look so he went and looked. We talked about our options, but decided we were OK with it and the excitement grew quickly. I told --> keep reading

Your Perinatal Grief Bill of Rights

Though grief and the act of grieving is generally understood on a large-scale, when it comes to perinatal grief, the loss of a baby at gestation or shortly after birth, it is not always understood or respected. Those of us who are experiencing perinatal grief have been faced with mistreatment in one form or another --> keep reading

Full of Anger and Fear After Miscarriage

Today is the date that I had my miscarriage 2 years ago. My husbands birthday is tomorrow. I still feel guilty that my body decided to abort our baby the day before his birthday. I am still very angry with the doctor I had at the time. I did not know I was pregnant until --> keep reading

What My Own Miscarriage Taught Me

The day after I lost my baby was the only day I literally wanted to die. I’ve met other women who suffered a miscarriage before, but they still seemed “normal”, so I didn’t think much of the impact it has on women until it happened to me. They said it was “hard” and “one of --> keep reading