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Saying Hello, Then Saying Goodbye

A pregnant mother, never imagines that maybe, just maybe, shortly after saying hello to their precious baby, they will also have to face saying goodbye. Sometimes this is sudden and unexpected, and sometimes this is determined early on in the pregnancy through testing and ultrasounds. Regardless of how and when it happens, having to meet --> keep reading

How My Partner’s Grief Differed From Mine

The first thing he did following the news was draw closer and grab my hand. He squeezed me so tight the shock of our son's death vibrated between us. We were like magnets clinging together by a sheer force of nature. I screamed out proclamations of self-blame- he quieted me with reassurance that, although we --> keep reading

How Can a Happy Day Be So Sad?

I am sitting here on a beautiful spring night, thinking one year ago our lives changed. After two years of trying to get pregnant and two rounds of IUI, last June I was exhausted and I was sure I wasn't pregnant -- I was! We were over the moon! My pregnancy was amazing, but very quickly I --> keep reading

The Love of My Life is Now an Angel

My husband at the time and I had big dreams. Dreams of always wanting to have three kids and just form the perfect life for them. Back in July of 2013, I was 6 weeks pregnant when I found out I had a miscarriage. It was the most devastating time of my life because I --> keep reading